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Server & Game FAQ
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Server & Game FAQ

- What do I get with my gameserver?

You get:
FTP access for uploading configs, maps, etc (with 2 GB of space)
Web control page (custom scripts provided by Preygrounds for restarting your server)
One badass server (see next FAQ question)
Full control to change settings as you desire (minor exceptions listed here: agreement)

- What kind of hardware and bandwidth do you have?

All of our systems are dual processor 2ghz or better. See our "Hardware" page

- Can you guarantee my ping?

Unfortunately, no. We don't own the planet or even a sizable fraction of it (be nice if we did though heh :). There are too many variables that are not under any one person's control. Routers between you and the server for instance.

- What Games do you support?

(See our "Games" page)

- What mods and maps can I have on my server?

We support just about any mod or map for our supported games.

- How much space do I have for mods, maps and other files?

You have 2 GB of space for extra files such as mods/maps/skins. The game files to run your server are not included in this figure, so you have the full 2 GB to use.

- I play a game that isn't on your supported games list, could you host it for me?

In most cases we cannot, but feel free to contact us about the game you want us to support. If we get enough requests for a particular game we may support it. Also it might be possible to arrange a custom server with the game of your choice, but once again this is on a case-by-case basis and would depend on whether or not the game would run on our server. E-mail us for more information.

- Can you host our clan site for free since we are buying server space?

We do not offer free hosting, this keeps our costs down so that we can offer you servers at lower prices than our competitors (some customers already have sites, and therefore would not need to pay for something they have no use for). We do have low cost hosting available however, for an additional $5/month we will host your site and domain name. For more information regarding the perks of our hosting service, please check out our Pricing page.

- Can we switch our Public server to Private for clan games?

Certainly, you may switch a public server to private using your rcon pass.

- Can we switch out Private server to Public for when we aren't playing matches?

No. The reason our Private server package costs less is because it's not under constant load like a public server, though it may be possible to do this through your rcon or other means, we would consider any such action a violation of our Hosting Agreement and your server might be terminated. (This would be bad if we had to kill your server during a clan match.. please do not do this).

- Why do some games cost more to host?

Some games end up utilizing more bandwidth and CPU time per player, this of course costs us more money... However look at it from the bright side, many companies will charge the highest price for all their games. We charge based on the average CPU and Bandwidth usage a particular game has... This means your coming out ahead or at least breaking even when compared to our competitors.

- Will you ever have downtime?

Occasionally we may have downtime on our servers for maintenance. Such service outages would be scheduled at the most dull hours, would be very short in duration and every client would be given advance warning through email as to the time and estimated duration of the outage. This is pretty rare. There is also the possibility that some unexpected disaster could occur, but that's really slim odds.

- Can I test my ping and connection to your server?

Certainly, we have demo servers for some games and plenty of public client servers you can test out. See our "Demo" page for more information.

- Where are you located?

Our servers are located in datacenters in California, Texas, and Kansas. Our company is based out of California.

- I am a long ways away from your servers, do you have any other locations?

We have California, Texas, and Kansas locations at the moment, we may have an east coast location sometime in the future, but for now we do not.

- What kind of tech support do you offer?

If you are having difficulty connecting to your server or using your rcon pass, or need to get a hold of us for any other information regarding your server, please click here. We will be glad to assist you with the problem(s). Please note that we do NOT offer support of ANY KIND for the games themselves. Check with the games publisher for that.

Payment FAQ

- The Charge to my credit card says Worlds Apart Networking not PreyGrounds? Who is that?

All our merchant services are handled by our parent company, Worlds Apart Networking. This is entirely normal.

- Do you offer volume discounts?

Not usually, but if you are considering purchasing scads of player slots or multiple servers, contact us by email and we will see what we can work out for you. Any such volume discounts would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

- I am starting up a League / Ladder can you donate a server for it?

While it might be possible to set up a server for you in exchange for something else (advertising or some other benefit), this is not something we usually do.

- What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards (Visa / Mastercard), and Paypal (verified accounts only please). We do NOT accept personal checks or cash payments.

- When is payment due?

Payment is due the first day of every month. Pretty simple :).

- How soon can my server be up after I order it?

We can get your server up within two business days in most cases.

- How much do I need to pay upfront?

If you are using a credit card, the first charge will be made to your card as soon as your server goes live. This charge will include the prorated fee (what's left of the current month) and the setup fee. So there is no upfront fee to get the server online for credit card billing, but we will require payment upfront if you choose to use PayPal.

- If I am late on my payment, will you disconnect my server? How long do I have?

If you contact us in advance we might be able to work something out (this really depends on the situation though). But one week after your due date, if payment has not been received and no contact made, service will be terminated.

- Are there any late fees?

Nope. If you're late by more than a week however, the server will be disconnected. Please be punctual.

- Do you have any free servers I can book?


- Why don't you make free servers available to book?

A lot of dot coms tried the give everything away thing... It didn't work out for them too well. To be perfectly honest, when it comes to your server, you get what you pay for. If we ran this as a free service, it would suck. As it stands however, you will find our prices are extremely competitive.

- Can I pay a one time fee to use a server for a specific amount of time?

Not at the moment.

Staff FAQ

- Is anyone here famous?

Well if you play Elite Force, you probably heard of eX and Sherlock Ohmz. If you haven't, then play us.

- You said you guys are experienced and knowledgeable, where are your degrees, credentials, resumes and life history?

Well hold on a second here... I know I have an autobiography around here someplace...

- You're not very nice, why did you write the FAQ?

Hehe :). Here at PreyGrounds we prefer to tell it to you straight. No sense speaking in Lawyerese or politically correct mumbo jumbo (we even offer a plain english translation of our hosting agreement). Some call it being rude, but I call it being honest :).

- I like your site, who designed it?

Me :). If you need design work done, contact me through our affiliate company, Xeal Media & Technology. I can be reached there at